Where in Boston should you live?

Where in Boston should you live 

Boston.com recently posted a quick and easy survey that supposedly identifies the Boston neighborhood which suits your personality best. Are you a Boston resident? Contemplating a move to Boston? Or have you never visited and curious what part of town to book your hotel? Take this survey; it is all in good fun.

Thanks to blogger / friend Julian for telling me about this.

4 responses to “Where in Boston should you live?

  1. I got BH too. Aside from Moxie and the Sevens (girl needs to get her shoe shop and dive bar on once in awhile) I am South End to the core.


  2. Beacon Hill. Growing up, all the rich people lived there. Maybe they just like hanging aroung their neighborhood like I do. 😉


  3. I got Jamaican Plain too. BTW, I am moving to Boston in January. My company is in Natick. But I would love to stay in Boston, preferably in a place where I can take public transportation to Natick every day. Any suggestions???


  4. Looks like I’m a Jamaica Plain kind of gay, er, guy.
    i kid, gay.



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