Anderson Cooper

Kristin Chenoweth is adorable teasing Anderson Cooper about his summer.  Her cute comments result in Anderson addressing his decision to come out (again) this past summer.

4 responses to “Anderson Cooper

  1. love Anderson Cooper!


  2. Beautifully said, gentlemen. Having strong and positive role models is so important.
    Kristen Chenoweth is a favorite of mine. Her talent is incredible, as is her support of the glbt community.
    If you haven’t seen the show, after talking about free 7/11 slurpies, Kristen said to Anderson, “Oh Anderson, you know you love slurpies.” Too funny, and the fact that Kristen’s double entendre was unintentional makes it that much more delightful.


  3. The comment from Matt above is why it is so important for gay public figures to be out. Matt, we’ve all been where you are, and, believe me, you will get to the point where you realize being gay is just another aspect of your life that makes you a loving and unique person.

    I was scared when I was a teenager that someone would find out my secret. I worked through that fear myself, but I sure as hell wished that there was a public figure like Anderson Cooper, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Barney Frank, Andrew Sullivan, Dan Savage, Tammy Baldwin, Gareth Thomas, Rick Welts, or a Tim Cook around to serve as a model for me. And, now, I only hope that I serve as a model so that road is easier for other LGBQT people.

    Matt, the coming out process can be a short or long journey. Please know that are many people who are standing on the side cheering you on to the end of your journey, and just as many who will guide you along!


  4. Thanks for the clip regarding Anderson Cooper. It good to see him talking publicly again about his coming out. Being a gay man myself who has come out to only a select few its helps my process to see successful public figures talking about their journey.



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