Cinquecento Ristorante construction continues

Cinquecento RistoranteAs I was walking down Harrison Avenue Saturday morning to check out the South End Open Studios, I could hear saws buzzing and all sorts of activity emanating from The Aquitaine Group’s newest restaurant, Cinquecento.

The restaurant had opened its Harrison Avenue door to let in fresh air, and I couldn’t help but look in to see what was happening.  Rumors circulate the restaurant is looking to open before the end of the month but will likely not be ready until October.

The photos are from Saturday, September 15 2012 – click to enlarge.

Cinquecento Boston

Significant work remains but I’m very excited to see this space reopen. I wish the staff and The Aquitaine Group much luck.

2 responses to “Cinquecento Ristorante construction continues

  1. Hope you have spoken to Izzy about coming to the opening.
    Thank you for all of you interest and patience.



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