The play you can’t say to your Mom

SpeakEasy StageThis past weekend I saw The SpeakEasy Stage production of The Mother-F**ker with the Hat.  The attention grabbing and funny name is appropriate for this Tony-nominated play. Performed without intermission, the show is divided into nine scenes.  The highly charged and dramatic vignettes are laced with witty lines that drew consistent and hearty laughs from the entire audience.

Cousin Julio proves to be the most lovable character and delivers some of the most humorous lines. However, one unintentional funny moment that caught my attention occurred when Ralph D (played by Maurice Emmanuel Parent) was standing stark naked stage left and Veronica (played by Evelyn Howe) was talking stage right.  Looking out at the audience I noticed nearly every man’s head remained stage left on Ralph D. I should note that I happened to see the play on “Out Night” when it seemed as if half the South End was in the room.  Do yourself a favor and call the box office today to reserve tickets to this show. You’ll enjoy watching this as much as you will talking about it. Plus, its fun to tell people the name of the play when they inquire what you saw.

SpeakEasy Stage Production Co.

From left: Jaime Carrillo, Maurice Emmanuel Parent, and Alejandro Simoes from the SpeakEasy Stage Company production of “The Motherf**ker with the Hat,” Photo: Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

The SpeakEasy Stage production runs through Saturday, October 13th so hurry to get tickets by phone at 617.933.8600 or online here.

2 responses to “The play you can’t say to your Mom

  1. Hi Bos, Greeting from france.
    I love your blog, and the theater reviews…it is because of you when I was in Boston a few months ago, I caught, “The Temperamentals” the second to last night of the play, was so good, I almost returned for closing night.
    Keep up the great work.


    • Tim – thank you very much.

      I’m also glad you enjoyed the Tempermentals. It was a great play. Nael Nacer who played opposite the lead in that play I happened to just see in The Kite Runner which is currently being performed by another local theater here in Boston. Nael happens to be from France. Not sure if you picked up on that when you saw him in the Tempermentals.

      Should you return to Boston let me know. I’d love to grab a drink should you come back.




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