SoWa Open Market finds new home for Food Trucks

The SoWa Open market held each Sunday along Harrison Avenue in the SoWA neighborhood of Boston’s South End continues to grow.

Starting this past weekend the food trucks moved to a vacant building (where the SoWa Open market originally started – by Gaslight).  The food trucks popularity was causing so much congestion near the artisan booths something had to be done and this seems like the perfect solution. Just one block from the artisans, the vintage market and the farmer’s market about a dozen food trucks set up shop.

Did you miss all the good eats? Check it out this Sunday.

SoWa Market Food Truck

The new home for SoWa Open Market Food Trucks

SoWa Open Market

4 responses to “SoWa Open Market finds new home for Food Trucks

  1. Worst idea ever. Food trucks resented by Brick and Mortar food make it worse by putting the trucks inside..that will help!

    When you eat at Food truck…you want the outside experience…duh! light sunshine…not a dank damp and last week wet building, with no prayer of drying out…

    Now let’s talk about the smell…all that food melding together…trapped in that building…disgusting!

    Air Quality was equally disgusting…all of those trucks are running about air pollution

    Ambience? Dark dank concrete and Brick!

    Sure the market was congested..but not dangerous! It was a public gathering…sometimes men or families ate and shopped together…so now what dad and the kids walk down to food trucks and mom shops!

    The market was fun, the food was good, the crowds were peaceful…bad bad idea!


    • Actually, the sun comes through because much of the roof in this registered building is glass. I think the idea it to give the crowds enough space to spread out and eat. I’m curious to see if others share your reaction because the lines were quite long, but it was the first week. The revised venue not only helps alleviate significant congestion in the main part of the market but seems to accommodate more food trucks now.


  2. Or better yet, possibly in conjunction with local musicians, use this space for a job fair venue / charitable organization / community even volunteer recruitment location.


  3. I don’t like it.. I would prefer to see this space used for local bands and musicians.. I suggest moving the produce stands to where the food trucks where, and replacing the produce stands with the food trucks.



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