Restaurant review: Oak Long Bar and Kitchen

Fairmont Copley Plaza Last week a business dinner with my team allowed me the opportunity to have my first dinner at the newly remodeled Oak Long Bar + Kitchen.  This was the space formerly occupied by the iconic Oak Bar and Restaurant in the Fairmont Copley.

The dark wood paneling associated with the former restaurant is now gone and replaced with a brighter interior that also includes one of the largest bars (with some of the most comfortable seats you’ll find) in the Back Bay.  The opening of the new restaurant has coincided with the completion of a $20 Million renovation project for the entire property.

Dinner started with a delicious chopped shrimp cocktail – $16, served on a slate platter which includes a dash of horseradish on top, chili cocktail sauce, cucumber, red onion and charred lemon.

The highlight of my dinner was the main course, which was suggested to me by Adam, blogger for Adam’s Hospitality and Tourism blog.  I would certainly recommend the Tagliatelle dinner – $28, which comes with thick chunks of Maine lobster, braised short ribs, diced zucchini and cheese.  Nearly everyone at the table agreed this was the winning plate both in terms of flavor and surprise (who would’ve thought of pairing lobster and short ribs?).

Because I was out with colleagues we shared a few desserts.  Although there was a lot of loving terms associated with the cheesecake ordered, I ended up loving the fruit crumble topped with vanilla ice cream.

Overall the dining experience lived up to the hype and expectations. Main plates range from $19 (burger)  to $39 (bone out ribeye).  If that will break your budget, plan on coming for a cocktail and a few appetizers or flatbread which have a lower price point and are also very satisfying.   The Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is located in The Fairmont Copley Plaza in the Back Bay.
Oak Long Bar + Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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