South End development underway

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my blog the city of Boston had approved a new hotel and residences to be built just a few blocks from my home.  I am so happy to hear that space currently used as a parking lot near Interstate 93 will be redesigned and add space for residents and commercial purposes.

I have paired a photo from Google Maps with the image of the proposed development offered by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  The $165  million dollar project will include 3-story parking garage, 19-story residential tower, and a 11-story hotel that has 325 “micro-rooms” (I have no idea what a micro room is but I don’t care since I live two blocks away and hopefully will never need to make use of the rooms).

This development happens to be next to the neighborhoods largest redevelopment plan that is currently underway called the Ink Block (shown above). The  project revitalizes 6 acres of land previously owned and occupied by the Boston Herald Newspaper.  The Ink Block plans propose multiple buildings of mixed use space with more than 470 rental residential units, retail space (including a 50,000 square foot Whole Foods) and 400+ below ground parking lot.


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