Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

My personal trainer’s rather poignant post in response to last week’s Presidential debate when Mitt Romney suggested he would cut spending  to help balance the Federal Budget and then proceeded to cite cutting PBS which produces shows like Sesame Street.

“The supposedly conservative candidate tells us about “waste” in government, and ticks off $10 million in frivolous pork-barrel projects that outrage him…in order to elicit laughter and applause from partisan audiences. All right, so that’s 0.00045 percent of the federal budget dealt with; what does he propose to do with the other 99.99955 percent in order to return our country to live within its means? Not a word. Those same three or four silly programs will be brought up all campaign long and that’s all we’ll hear about where the candidate stands on spending.

Why aren’t they talking about the real.issues. NDAA, the federal reserve, perpetual wars, the patriot act, and our huge debt and countless other economic issues that weren’t addressed during the debate.”

I completely agree Kris. I also think it is shameful that President Obama didn’t press this issue more.   The lack of specifics from both candidates leads to ridiculous comments like Romney’s about cutting PBS.

2 responses to “Things that make BosGuy go hmm…

  1. Change starts at home. We must all participate in LOCAL politics before we can begin to make a change on a national level.


  2. Tremndously insightful thoughts. Neither candidate really addressed the issues that impact our lives everyday.
    I know that it takes more than electing a president to encourage a healthy economy and country. Congress and its old boys club (which now includes many women) must also be put to the test by voters.
    We need to become more vocal in both our support and criticism of our elected leaders. Too often those inside the beltway are insulated from the day to day concerns we have.



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