Whatcha readin’?

gay literature blogI love to read and on most evenings, I end up reading at least a few pages in bed before falling asleep.  The past few books I’ve read have been disappointing so I’ve refrained from providing a book review post.

Hopefully that will change as I’m currently reading a humorous book that a friend dropped off late last month. In the interim if you are looking for a few suggestions on what to read check out this blog, which I stumbled upon this past weekend called, Speak Its Name.

If you forget to bookmark this site, no worries as I have it now posted in my blogroll of blogs over there 

3 responses to “Whatcha readin’?

  1. I mostly read non-fiction but a friend recommended the novel “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter and loved it.


  2. I’m asleep after 1 minute of reading!! I’m currently reading a book on Joan of Arc…my favorite saint!



  3. This is one of the strongest fall seasons for new releases. emia me if you want a book rec list. Join Goodreads also – great resource that alows you to link to your fb page.



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