National Coming Out Day

This post is dedicated to the millions of men & women who cannot be true to themselves and live the life they deserve because of political and religious pressures that tell them they are wrong. 

No matter how comfortable you try to make it – it is still a closet and you deserve so much more.  To quote Dan Savage, It gets better

I’ve chosen to use today to reflect upon how my life changed after I chose to come out.  My reasons for staying in the closet were many but mostly due to a feeling of deep and abiding shame perpetuated by my religious affiliation, how I saw homosexuality portrayed on television and addressed by religious and political leaders and lastly a sense of isolation that is hard to imagine in this age.

What changed? I got fed up and the isolation I felt melted away. Not everyone’s story is as positive as mine and there are places in the world where one must remain closeted for one’s own safety.  For those men and women, I dedicate this post as a sign that hopefully the changes underway here in the US will ripple out and help kick down the closet door.  Want to read more about National Coming Out Day?  America Blog has a great article here.

4 responses to “National Coming Out Day

  1. I have to say, if I had the closet pictured above, I’d come out of it everyday!!! 🙂


  2. Great idea, although I do rather think coming out is a personal choice and we as a caring society shouldn’t put too much pressure on people to come out, if they are not ready to do so.


  3. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to wake up each morning knowing that you’ll spend the day lying about who you are. Allowing yourself to be honest about your identity might be the most liberating thing that a human can do.

    So many people think that gay people “choose” to be gay … I think the only choice that they make is when they choose to be honest about who they are.

    Every day should be Coming Out Day.


  4. Loved your post Robertito! Well done…



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