LGBT conference parties w/ TWC (Guerrilla Queer Bar)

The 15th LGBT MBA conference, starts tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 18th) in Boston.  The conference was last held in Boston in 2005 and this year’s event is expected to be much larger with more than 1,000 attendees from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  The goal of this annual conference is to promote the networking, visibility, and education capabilities of LGBT business leaders around the globe.

To all those who are coming to Boston for the event, I’d like to say Welcome!  To those who live in Boston and are trying to think of something different to do this weekend, I’d suggest crashing their party on Friday.  The Conference organizers have joined forces with Boston’s very cool The Welcoming Committee “Guerrilla Queer Bar” and together they will take over Tequila Rain in the Fenway starting at 9pm.  A $5 cover charge discount is available to conference attendees.

For the ADHD: Friday, 9pm at Tequila Rain on Lansdowne St.


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