President Andrew Jackson rocks SpeakEasy Stage

Bloody Bloody Andrew JacksonSource: SpeakEasy Stage Company, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Photo: Craig Bailey

Michael Friedman who penned Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson describes the story as, “…political theater, but one that happens to have this giddy, pop-rock soundtrack.” This is true, but he doesn’t do justice to how funny the show is considering the grim subject matter culminating with President Jackson’s most notorious accomplishment.

While I often laughed out loud, the scene with America’s ruling elite from the first half of the 19th century sashaying onto stage like runway models and dancing with reckless abandon to the Spice Girls was deliciously funny. I recognize that for many a rock musical detailing the life of the 7th President of the US may not be how you envision spending an evening out, but I have to challenge your preconceptions.  The show has the spirit and energy of a rock show with the narrative of a compelling story you can’t stop watching.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson runs without intermission for one hour and forty-five minutes at the Calderwood Pavilion from October 19 – November 17.  Tickets for the SpeakEasy Stage production are currently on sale, starting at $25.  Purchase Your Tickets Here.

One response to “President Andrew Jackson rocks SpeakEasy Stage

  1. Okay Bosguy I bought tickets for next weekend.



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