MFA exhibit: Mario Testino “In Your Face”

mario testino and tom bradyThe Mario Testino show In Your Face at the MFA Boston includes 122 photographs.  Have you already seen this show which premiered at Boston’ Museum of Fine Arts this past weekend and will run through February 3rd?

This show would seem to be a “Must See” for fashionistas and pop culture enthusiasts.  What an amazing opportunity; no schlepping to the MoMA in MidTown, NYC like you had to see the Alexander McQueen show. More about this show at the MFA here.

2 responses to “MFA exhibit: Mario Testino “In Your Face”

  1. I enjoyed the show, I just thought he could have had more people of color in it.


  2. I went yesterday – WOW! Some of the photos are larger than life. The photos of Lady Gaga are curiously retrained – Giselle Bundchen is the star of the show in three stunning views – absolutely worth a return trip to see all these celebs.



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