Sky Mall holiday edition

Last week I flew down to NYC for a business meeting and as is often the case, I found myself flipping through the Delta Sky Mall catalog while waiting to take off.  I thought I’d pair these two options from the SkyMall catalog since I assume the guy who would wear this “One of a Kind Shirt” that sells for $69.99 probably would like the table lamp from the hilarious “A Christmas Story” for $199.99.  While I can appreciate the nostalgia of the holiday classic, the point of the lamp was it was ridiculously ugly, but then again so are those shirts so perhaps they do belong together. Honorable Mentions for “Who the heck is buying this stuff” go to:

The Do-It Yourself Log Maker So you want a cozy fire but don’t have money to burn. These cool paper log makers are a cost-effective solution to buying firewood (not cheap these days!) – Is the economy really that bad?

PlungeMax Eliminates an unpleasant problem in the home in a simple way. No-mess plunger clears toilet clogs in a quick, sanitary, splash-free way without messing with a standard plunger – Did I mention this is in the Holiday edition catalog?

2 responses to “Sky Mall holiday edition

  1. My favorite part of seeing that shirt was the description that accompanied it in the catalog… “wear it to fraternity parties or bachelor parties.” Wow.


  2. The plungemax video? It’s all CGI because if they did a live video they wouldn’t sell one!



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