Monday’s at Pigalle

Pigalle is a cozy French restaurant that straddles Boston’s Theater District and Bay Village. It has a reputation as a great place for a quiet, romantic dinner.  However, in the summer, Chef Marc Orfaly decided it was time to jazz up the place (literally) so each Monday, a jazz band plays while the kitchen serves food from only the bar menu.

Last Monday, I was invited to sample the new bar menu with my friend and food blogger, 40-Something Life.  The Pigalle bar menu offers a wide variety with items ranging from $1 casino clams to a $39 for Sirloin Steak Frites au Poivre (most items are $5 – $15).  Shown below: Smoked Trout Fried Rice ($12) and Asian-Style Tacos ($7).

Pigalle BostonThe smoked trout fried rice comes in Chinese take-out containers and was one of my favorite menu items. Along with the rice and trout Chef Orfaly includes sausage, leeks and ginger.  The delicious tacos shown above are with duck but the fall menu will serve these with pulled pork.

If you’d prefer shellfish, the Clams Casino ($1 ea), served on a bed of salt stuffed with chunks of bacon and buttery panko crumbs are fragrant enough to make you salivate, but beware these are served hot and can be hard to handle.  A cooler option I preferred are the local oysters served on the half shell (note on Friday’s these are $1 each at the bar). Pigalle BostonIf you would like something more hearty the burger and shepherd’s pie (shown below) are worth sinking your teeth into. The burger is topped with sharp cheddar, caramelized and fried onions that add plenty of flavor and a bit of crunch. The beef, short ribs shepherd’s pie is a must try. It comes served in a hot skillet perfectly seasoned, although I would have loved it if the mashed potatoes were more crispy on top. Pigalle BostonThe bar menu includes other tempting options such as salads, fried artichoke hearts, Malaysian-style chicken wings, etc… Mix up your routine, enjoy Pigalle’s bar menu and live music on Monday nights. Don’t believe me? Check out my friend’s 40-Something Life review.

Pigalle is located at 75 Charles Street South (617) 423-4944


One response to “Monday’s at Pigalle

  1. Very fun evening Mr. BosGuy. Thank for always being willing to be my “date” 🙂



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