Four eagerly anticipated South End restaurants

A few restaurants in Boston’s South End neighborhood have closed over the past few years, creating vacancies in some prime locations.  These spaces did not remain unclaimed for long and some of these restaurants have recently opened; most recently BoMA Restaurant. However, there remain four locations of particular interest that will open soon.

CINQUECENTO started training new staff last Friday in preparation for their opening later this month. This is the Aquitaine Group’s eighth property and first Italian restaurant.  Located at 500 Harrison Avenue, this is likely to be one of the largest restaurants in the neighborhood too with 300+ seats as well as private dining space and a beautiful patio.

Location: 500 Harrison Avenue / Phone: 617-247-1102

Menu: Italian

Anticipated opening to public: mid November

Estelles South EndESTELLE’S will likely open just weeks after Cinquecento.  Owned by chef Brian Poe (Poe’s Kitchen and The Rattlensake in Back Bay), Estelle will serve southern cuisine.  Poe has opened up the space which was previously a pizzeria and has a nice looking bar that neighbors will undoubtably appreciate.

Location: 782 Tremont Street (Mass Ave & Tremont Street)

Menu: Southern cuisine

Anticipated opening to public: December

FIVE HORSES TAVERN was first reported by Eater Boston to open a second location in space formerly occupied by Columbus Cafe. Five Horses Tavern in Somerville serves food with a similar, affordable price point to Columbus Cafe. If they can pull this off, this could become the neighborhood’s best cheap eats and bar.

Location: 535 Columbus Avenue (Columbus & Claremont Park)

Menu: American comfort food with entrees from $9 – $18

Anticipated opening to public: Unknown

BOSTON CHOPS is opening in the space formerly occupied by Ginger Park and before that, banq. Speculation about what Chef Coombs has in mind when he refers to it as an “urban steakhouse” keeps me guessing. In an interview with Grub Street Boston he said, “The only thing we have in common with a typical steakhouse is that we’ll serve cow.

Location: 1375 Washington Street (Washington & Union Park)

Menu: New concept steakhouse

Anticipated opening to public: Unknown

One response to “Four eagerly anticipated South End restaurants

  1. I really enjoy your reviews and posts about restaurants in Boston. I have added Boston to the list of cities I now want to visit. And that’s saying something because to a lot of midwesterners, the only thing worse than the east coast is the west coast.



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