Boston Santa Speedo Run

Santa Speedo RunOne month from today Boston will host the 13th annual Santa Speedo Run.  This year the local beneficiary will be Play Ball Foundation.

Over the years, this hilarious and fun tradition has spread to other cities so check and see if a similar event will be taking place in your hometown.

The run starts at 1pm on Boylston Street near the Prudential Mall so arrive early to cheer runners who will be in speedos running to raise money for the Play Ball Foundation.  Never been or won’t be able to attend? Here is a video from last year. 

4 responses to “Boston Santa Speedo Run

  1. Okay. But you must promise also to invite those dishy Eastern European guys who posed for the “I Do Support Marriage Equality” campaign. I’ll help them to learn English and compare kielbasa! 😉


  2. I’m game, if you are, my friend!



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