Odense zoo gay penguins become “daddies”

gay penguinsAfter nearly a year together at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, this same-sex couple became “daddies”.  After a female penguin in the zoo laid two eggs but only showed interest in one, zookeepers allowed the two male penguins adopt the neglected egg.  More on this story can be read on BuzzFeed.

Photo Source: Han-pingvinpar som adoptivforældre. Foto: Ard Joungsma / Odense ZOO

4 responses to “Odense zoo gay penguins become “daddies”

  1. What a great story.


  2. Congratulations you two crazy kids!!


  3. That’s too cute….SteveA


  4. Love in all its wonderful forms. The gay penguins are daddies. Happens more often then we realise.



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