Dick of the week: Ari Fleischer

Following the thumping the Republican Party took at the polls last Tuesday, there was a lot of hand wringing and agreement that the Republican Party must change their message to appeal to female and Latino voters. However, Ari was adamant about LGBT rights.

“Republican Party will never embrace LGBT rights”

When Fleischer was asked about how the Republican Party might create a more socially progressive wing he replied, “You’re not going to make the party pro-choice and pro-gay rights and think you’ve made the Republican party the party that’s the popular party. We have a party like that. It’s the Democratic Party.”

More here on Raw Story.

4 responses to “Dick of the week: Ari Fleischer

  1. …of the week? that guy has more accolades for his dickiness that far surpass a week.


  2. The trick is to get enough of the rest of us to vote in-between Presidential elections and keep up the momentum. We’ve got to prove this is not a one-time glitch but a sustainable trend that will only get stronger as we become more willing to fight for it.


  3. Which is exactly why they will continue to lose and become even more inconsequential. Good riddance.


  4. ‘Frothing at the mouth’

    That’s my kind of conservative within today’s self-imploding Republican Party.
    They’re easier to spot & easier to avoid, come the mid-term election season.



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