Tell Macy’s to dump Trump

More than 400,000 people aren’t enough to get Macy’s to dump Donald Trump as a business partner. However, it is nice to see public pressure mounting on the retailer in light of the racist and misogynistic rants from Donald Trump.  It seems to me the only thing Trump values more than the money he makes (courtesy of deals with organizations like Macy’s) is his ego.  It would be nice to hit him both in his wallet and ego so won’t you consider signing this petition?

Feel free to add your name to the online petition HERE.

Much thanks to Kenneth in the (212) blog for sharing this.

2 responses to “Tell Macy’s to dump Trump

  1. I signed it!

    Have a great trip!


  2. Yes! I tweet this earlier, so I’m just reiterating my disgust. And, of course, just stopping by to say howdy. 😉



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