Chicago Tribune: Equality Wins at the Polls

May 2012  Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition called Obama’s announcement supporting same-sex marriage an “unanticipated gift to the Romney campaign” that would drive religious Americans to the polls to vote against Obama.

November 2012 Four states in different regions of the country all reject ballot initiatives designed to prevent same sex couples from marrying.  In Maine, marriage equality wins for the first time by popular vote and President Obama goes on to win the election by nearly four million votes.

What a difference six months make, huh?  Echoing my thoughts from earlier this year, The Chicago Tribune on Monday wrote a well thought out editorial entitled, Equality Wins at the PollsThe editorial concludes what we’ve all known for a long, long time; marriage equality for the LGBT community is unstoppable.  Chew on that Ralph Reed.

Thanks to Joe My God for the tip about the Tribune’s editorial.

One response to “Chicago Tribune: Equality Wins at the Polls

  1. Despite how it looks sometimes, we really have come a long way on the road to equality and it shows that when it comes down to it, the majority of voters wish equality for us too.
    Greetings from Brighton!



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