Westin – New Balance “gear share” program

westin gear share programPhoto from: Sean Howe’s blog Behind the Bean

Last spring while staying at the Westin Copley Place I noticed signs encouraging guests to rent New Balance sneakers and work out clothes for just $5 to make it easier to squeeze in a workout while traveling.  It looks like the program was successful, because the hotel chain has announced it is now available in all 190 Westin Hotels.

The gear lending program will deliver New Balance sneakers and clothing to your room.  The sneakers come with socks that are brand new and yours to keep as well as fresh and clean clothing in your size. Upon departure, guests simply leave the items in their room in the mesh bag everything was delivered.

You may read more about this program at westinnewbalance.com.  I love this idea.  Would you be inclined to try out the program?


4 responses to “Westin – New Balance “gear share” program

  1. Why would you want to borrow workout clothing that someone else has used when you can use Zipolo when you travel? I get my own workout gear (clothes and sneakers) sent directly to the hotel before I check in.


  2. Hey, who thinks twice about renting bowling shoes? Do they include a jock and if so, a pic of the last guy to wear it, and the option of whether you want the jock cleaned or not? Yes, it’s that kind of day.


  3. It is a wonderful idea, I would certainly use it.

    *saying hi from Brighton*


  4. Hmm, interesting. The sneaks would obviously receive a thorough cleaning but otherwise not a bad idea at all.



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