20th anniversary of text messaging

Text messagingToday marks the 20th anniversary of text messaging.  Can you believe it?  Although I predate text messaging (by a lot) it is hard for me to imagine life without the ability to text.

I have come to use text messaging as one of my primary ways to communicate with friends. I’m far more inclined to text a friend to see if they are busy than call.

Without this technology, one of my favorite sites Texts From Last Night would never have been created. Are you a texting-fiend or do you barely ever text?

4 responses to “20th anniversary of text messaging

  1. I’m a reluctant texter. I only do it if I’m afraid I might be disturbing someone with a phone call.


  2. I am a text fiend..lol..love to text ….better than voice


  3. Better yet, I’ve never consciously chosen a carrier that charged for texting since I know it costs them next to nothing to provide the service. The only real cost comes in when it crosses carrier boundaries but even that is cheap.

    If you’re paying per text I hate to say it, you’re not a good consumer.


  4. Wouldn’t say a texting fiend, but do rely on it a lot, largely to organise (or more corrctly, re-organise) child arrangements! Its also a great avoidance tool, probably to the detriment of some relationships



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