Visiting Florianopolis

Floripa MapI love to travel to Brazil.  It is a warm tropical country in the Southern hemisphere that makes for a perfect getaway anytime but especially from December through March – when my home, Boston, is usually freezing. This year my partner and I opted to spend a week in Florianopolis (Floripa), which is a one hour flight south of Sao Paulo.  While business brings some to Floripa it is the 200+ square mile island that draws thousands of tourists.

Our trip to Floripa started in the centrally located Barra da Lagoa  neighborhood, which is a hilly stretch of land between the island’s Lagoa da Conceicao and the South Atlantic Ocean; specifically Praia Mole. We also hired a taxi to take us to Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Sambaqui where we had a very relaxing lunch with views of the city of Florianopolis off on the horizon.   These two quaint neighborhoods are picture perfect and provided for a nice option to the beach since I needed a break from the beach (well to be more specific my pale skin needed the break).

Barra da Lagoa FloripaWhere to go in Barra da Lagoa:  For food check out Bistro Isadora Duncan or for a less expensive option Pacai which is located next door.   For fun during the day, pack a bag and walk 20-minutes to Praia Mole and set up next to the gay bar on the beach, Bar do Deca.  I’ll write a bit more about Praia Mole this week.

Florianopolis prominence has made Jurere and Jurere International a hot spot for wealthy tourists from around the world. Located further north, the area is still being developed but has a definite Miami-vibe.  Ocean-facing mansions and affluent neighborhoods with cobbled streets might make you forget you’re in Brazil.   While many of the resorts in this area cater to families, there is still plenty of people watching and fun to be had in both Jurere and neighboring Jurere International which is a newer and even more affluent.

Jurere InternationalWhere to go in Jurere: There are several options for dining but our favorite location was the beachside bar Taiko at Jurere International. While the kitchen won’t win any awards, the views from here are spectacular – regarding both the nature and the visitors.  As with Praia Mole I’ll write a bit more about Jurere and Jurere International later.

One response to “Visiting Florianopolis

  1. Florianopolis is my most favorite place i have ever visited!



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