Trojan vibrator give away in Boston

Trojan VibrationsIn late October, Boston’s Mayor Menino made it clear that he was not impressed with Trojan’s decision to give away a few thousand “Trojan Vibrations” sex toys from their “Pleasure Carts” on City Hall Plaza.  Read more here.

Fortunately Trojan was not discouraged by the Mayor’s stonewalling and lack of enthusiasm, and they decided my neighborhood in the South End would be a fantastic alternate location.  Yesterday, Sergio and our friend Maxine joined thousands of others who came out to get their own intimate massager from Trojan.  Earlier this summer Trojan kicked off this tour in NYC.  I believe that Boston is the second city Trojan has visited. Like the Trojan Vibrations Facebook page to find out when / if Trojan will be coming to a city near you.

2 responses to “Trojan vibrator give away in Boston

  1. Amazing post and i like this post.Thanks for sharing important post with us.


  2. And, got one! 🙂



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