Republican party

Andrew-SullivanIt is one month to the day since the 2012 Presidential elections.  I’m still amazed by the results of the election and wanted to share a comment from Andrew Sullivan following the election which left social progressives giddy and was met with shrieks of disbelief from Fox News.

“The Republican candidate failed to get even 40 percent of the vote in New York State and California. The latter is the most remarkable. It was Nixon’s and Reagan’s home-state. And now their party is essentially based in Mississippi.”    – Andrew Sullivan

3 responses to “Republican party

  1. not to mention the Senate, in which they actually LOST seats to the Democrats


  2. And now even Behner is no longer “Tea Party” enough for those nutjobs and they’re starting a #FireBoehner campaign. Luvvit. As the GOP realizes they need to make more concessions to prevailing public moods and the radical right keeps doubling down, they’re going to become more divisive.

    Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago that the Dems seemed frustratingly like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and Dubya even got a second term after our worst terrorist act here in the US. Here’s hoping the trend towards more liberal attitudes continues.


  3. And yet, seeing their actions of late, they haven’t learned a single lesson.
    The Party of No, might soon be the Party of Out Of Office.



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