Bistro Isadora Duncan suite

Built into a small hill in the Barra de Lagoa neighborhood is the Bistro Isadora Duncan. Above the restaurant is a treetop suite that is partly indoors, partly outdoors and 100% private. Co-owned by a friendly gay couple, Greg & Amauri, this 5 room suite complete with stunning views and a large jacuzzi to enjoy them.

Bistro Isadora Duncan FlorianopolisBistro Isadora Duncan is convenient to the local gay beach, Praia Mole.   I first learned about the bistro and it’s one room suite in an old Passport Magazine article you may read here.  If you are contemplating a trip to Florianopolis, this might be a good option depending on what you expect from your lodging and what your budget is like.

View from Isadora Duncan Suite

View from Isadora Duncan Suite

Despite the suite’s proximity to Praia Mole it is still quite a leg work out to get there and is about a 20 minute walk.  All the hills you must navigate if staying in this part of the island are offset by the spectacular views and the fact that each morning Greg brings a delicious breakfast up the spiral staircase that leads to the entrance of the suite so you’ll feel the need to burn off some of those calories.

Bistro Isadora Duncan BreakfastThe amount of food  Greg’s partner, Amauri, prepares is nothing short of a feast. While the space is a little worn, it remains very comfortable.  Adding to the convenience is the very quaint Bistro below you, which serves delicious, albeit pricey dinners (~$150 per couple). Never fear, cheap eats can be found next door at Pacai, which is open Wednesday through Sunday and at other cafes.

Travel Tips: Owners Greg and Amaury don’t speak English so practice your Portuguese to see if you can communicate or grab a Brazilian friend to help.

To access the suite you must walk up a spiral staircase that is at the top of a very steep hill – this can be tricky if you have lots of luggage or are lazy.

Lastly, it can be tricky using a credit card over the phone and reservations may take more time than you anticipate so be patient and plan accordingly.

2 responses to “Bistro Isadora Duncan suite

  1. That place looks / seems so nice. I’m happy for you…


  2. I think you should stop posting pics of Sergio. He could be a Temptation Tuesday post but are you really sure you want the internet drooling over him?
    Next comment: Posting pics of Rob.



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