Holiday parties in Boston

There seem to be holiday parties seem nearly every night now and on Wednesday night several parties had me dashing around town.  Below are photos from the Hump Day Holiday Party Sean Williams (a.k.a. BostonMo on Twitter) hosted to gather toys for children in Boston.

CafeTeria Hump Day Party

Later that evening I headed over to the Mitchell Gold 12.12.12. party to celebrate the opening of their newly expanded flagship store in the South End.  DJ Lady Bunny had great music playing all night and the crowd of several hundred attendees seemed to enjoy the party. I know I did.  Below are just a few photos from the party. Mitchell Gold 121212 PartyThanks to all those who were patient enough to pose. Apologies if your photo was not included.

2 responses to “Holiday parties in Boston

  1. And not one person of color (no surprise considering the white elite).


    • Incorrect assumption. Just not in the 4-5 photos I included. Sadly most of my photos were taken on the wrong setting. Why would you make such an assumption? Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder.

      Actually neither party was particularly “elite” either… they were open to the public.



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