Huffington Post questions Manhunt Billboards

ManHunt AdvertisingLast week Huffington Post asked readers to vote if new ManHunt billboards in Times Square are offensive in their post, Manhunt Ad Appears in New York’s Time Square.

What is the basis of the question?  There are never questions about saucy billboards featuring bone-thin supermodels flaunting bare skin nor does there seem to be any aversion to violent movies being plastered through out Times Square.

While one too many Walt Disney musicals might be playing on Broadway in my opinion, last time I checked this was New York City not Orlando.  People need to grow up and recognize a billboard featuring two men embracing or a bare chested male model is not risque; not even for my conservative hometown, Boston, where ManHunt calls home.

If open displays of sexuality are really disturbing, perhaps we can direct the NYPD to ask all those overexcited tourists in Times Square to stop slipping each other the tongue and openly groping each other first.

One response to “Huffington Post questions Manhunt Billboards

  1. In Tewksbury, MA

    Bravo! Great questions to ask. It’s all progress. I remember when the first Calvin Klein underwear billboard appeared on Times Square (was it really nearly thirty years ago? …ugh, as 40-something, that makes me feel so old!) but questions were posed then about hat billboard just as questions are being asked about this one. And just as that eventually became ‘acceptable,’ this will be, too. It’s all progress.



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