Have you lost that Christmas spirit

GrinchI’ve read several blog posts from guys saying they just aren’t feeling the holiday spirit this year. I get that life isn’t comprised of sugar plum dreams and some years we just don’t feel it.  However, this makes me feel badly because the season will be over in just a few weeks.

Since we cannot rewind the clock and get back this time, I’d encourage you to make the most of the season by focusing on the things you are most grateful for and those you love most. I can’t help but think that if we focused more on these things then the pressures associated with the holiday and the annoyances forced upon us by retailers might just fade away.

Because I really do want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

3 responses to “Have you lost that Christmas spirit

  1. I agree. Its just another way of looking at the half-full (not the half-empty) glass.


  2. Thanks, and you too! 🙂
    (Not the best of Christmas seasons for me either especially with the news lately but it sure could been worse if the election went the other way.)



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