New York City at Christmastime

Work brought me to New York City this week and unlike most business trips, I actually had a few hours on Tuesday evening to enjoy by myself.  The City looked very festive and no matter where I went, there were plenty of lights, wreaths and all the other decorations you would associate with this time of year.

Grand Central StationShown above is Grand Central Station on 42nd Street. This and the neighboring Chrysler Building are two of my favorite in NYC.  The first time I came to NYC, I emerged from Grand Central, walked out to the streets of Midtown, looked up and saw the Chrysler Building. I’ve been in love with New York City ever since.

Bryant Park NYCThe skating rink at Bryant Park (shown above) might be less famous than Rockefeller Center’s, but it is larger and far more fun. Earlier this year I tweeted a photo of hundreds on the park doing yoga after work.  No matter the time of year I always enjoy stopping by Bryant Park.

Rockerfeller Center NYCExcluding Times Square, I cannot think of a more crowded destination for tourists than NYC’s than Rockefeller Center.  The ice rink and Christmas tree below always looks pitifully small under the soaring art deco sky scraper, but that doesn’t deter the crowds who come to get their photograph taken.

2 responses to “New York City at Christmastime

  1. Those are some excellent photos. i took similar ones but not as good – I blame my iPhone 4s. Time for an up grade!


  2. It really is a special city, even more beautiful when adorned with Christmas decor.



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