ICA Boston: This will have been

AIDSIt is that time of year when I curtail my time spent outside and look for indoor entertainment, because it’s just too cold in Boston. One distraction I’m very much looking forward to is the Institute of Contemporary Art exhibit, This will have been: Art, Love, and Politics in the 1980s,which runs through March 3, 2013.

According to Boston Globe writer, Sebastian Smee, the exhibit is “An ambitious historical overview of the main currents of art-making in the 1980s.”  Sounds cool to me Sebastian.  According to the ICA website, the exhibition is divided into four sections: The End is Near, Democracy, Gender Trouble and Desire and Longing.  It is this fourth section that addresses the emergence of queer visibility brought on by the AIDS crisis that interests me the most.

No plans this weekend or will you have extra time during this last week in December? Check out a local museum / art exhibit. You may be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.  If my post has piqued your interest, read more about the ICA’s exhibit here.


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