All I want for Christmas…

Andrew Christian ModelI know it’s late to be posting my Christmas list for Santa Claus, but I have heard that good things come to those who wait, and I’ve been waiting quite patiently (swear to God).

I’m hoping Saint Nicholas is paying attention and will bring me this Andrew Christian model for Christmas.  Pretty Please.

3 responses to “All I want for Christmas…

  1. What’s wrong with the one you already have?

    And you know, dolls only keep their value when you keep them in the box. Such a waste.

    Anyway, hope you get a nice surprise from Santa.


  2. Dear BG

    My prayers and blessings for you and your partner. You are clearly a man of humour and integrity and I am privileged to have gotten to know you even as I have through blogging.

    May 2013 bring you hope, health and happiness to you, your partner and your loved ones.

    Shalom from the Big Jew Down Under 🙂




  3. I’ve been good(mostly) this year, I want 2, Please Santa Please!!!!!



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