BosGuy predictions for 2013

With the Christmas holiday now over, many start thinking about New Year’s Eve and making predictions for the coming year – so here are a few of mine.

Fiscal CliffThe number of overused “buzz words” that make me roll my eyes will continue to grow.  Buzz words from 2012 like “Artisanal” and “Fiscal Cliff” will join others from years past such as “Foodie” and “Organic”. With regards to the aforementioned buzz word with political connotations, I predict the political shenanigans in DC will only serve to further disappoint and frustrate.  While I don’t expect the economy to collapse, I also don’t expect the politicians to make any meaningful fixes.

However, not all my predictions for 2013 are negative. I predict the NHL will learn its lesson and reconcile for sake of hockey fans.  I also predict a much less painful baseball season for Red Sox Nation and lastly, I predict we will hear increasingly less from the “Tea Party”.  All of which makes me quite optimistic for all of us. So should I forget to say it later this week – Happy New Year.


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