The unexpected review: Granary Tavern

The Granary TavernWhile perusing earlier this week I noticed a review of the Granary Tavern, which opened earlier this year along the Greenway.  My other half is a lighting designer, and created the lighting design for the restaurant / bar so I was pleasantly surprised to read that while the food was panned, the lighting was noted and praised repeatedly.

The restaurant reviewer opens complimenting the lighting “You cannot beat the Granary Tavern for lighting. Walk in off the Rose Kennedy Greenway and you enter a warmly glowing space, one that when it’s crowded feels mellow yet energized, full of promise.”  Later, Boston Globe writer, Anne V. Nelson, writes about how the is bar perfectly lit.  Should you be interested in reading the full review you may link here.

Since I don’t have a hard copy of the review to tape to our refrigerator, I figured I’d use this space to say congratulations.


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