Boston artist Maxine Blomberg

Maxine Blomberg

Maxine Blomberg is an artist living in Boston who I became friendly with a few years ago when she started working at the neighborhood cafe, Green Light.

Each week at the Green Light Cafe Maxine creates new chalk art on a chalk board by the register.  I really like her unique style and each week look forward to seeing her illustrations at the cafe.  Her employer, The Aquitaine Group, recognized her talent as well and has encouraged her artistic illustrations.  They asked her to create a replication of the Trevi Fountain all in chalk for their new restaurant, Cinquecento, a Roman-inspired trattoria.   You can check out the chalk art, which is on display at the trendy new South End restaurant, or you may visit Green Light Cafe to see her weekly creations.  Under the Cinquecento chalk drawing I have included a video my other half created that includes nearly all of her 2012 chalk board images from The Green Light Cafe.  Maxine’s first love is working with sculpture and headdresses which you can see some of on her website,

Maxine Blomberg

Cinquecento Mural by Maxinne Blomberg

2012 Maxine Blomberg Chalk Art Montage

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  1. Dear Serge, thank you so much for taking care of my baby. I’m so proud of her.



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