Does size matter

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New Study on Penis Size and Condom Usage

Hunter College in New York collected data in 2010 from nearly 500 gay and bisexual men and the findings of their report will be published in the February 2013 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The study asked gay and bisexual men if “the comfort and fit of a condom has an impact on them having safer sex.”  The study concluded the larger the man’s penis size, the higher the rate of condom failure, and the more likely he was to forgo condom usage. Most gay clubs / bars in the US already make condoms available for free, but the study suggests taking an additional step of including larger sized condoms to help encourage safer sex.

A new study from Hunter College’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training determined there is a correlation between the size of a gay man’s penis and the likelihood he’ll use a condom.condom_size_chartMore findings from this self-reported study included:

• Nearly 50% of men reported condom slippage during sex.
• Almost 33% reported condom breakage in the past 3 months.
• 40% reported that they did not have a problem finding condoms that fit properly.

One response to “Does size matter

  1. Those “regular” size ones may fit the average joe, but they are too damned tight on me. Ugh.



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