W Retreat and Spa Vieques Island

W Hotel ViequesAfter Christmas I mentioned Sergio had surprised me with airfare to Puerto Rico  so I cashed in points to stay at W Retreat and Spa on Vieques Island.  Despite the fact that we’ve been to Puerto Rico several times, we’ve never been to Vieques. I’m curious if any readers have suggestions on things to do, places to eat or go out and of course tips about the W Hotel property.  We’ve reserved a “Fabulous Ocean Front Escape” (their room description not mine), and the resort is highly rated on Trip Advisor.

7 responses to “W Retreat and Spa Vieques Island

  1. We have been going to Vieques for over 13 years and own a home here. A good resource is Vieques Events. You can get it online at http://www.Viequesevents.net.
    Lunch: Tradewinds – Dottie for Ptown works there she great.
    Duffy’s, Bananas, W Café
    Dinner: Conuco (local own), Next Course, Tradwinds, El Quenepo.
    Sunset Al’s Mar Azul – local dive interesting people always making new friends.
    Rent a Jeep and explore the Island lots of fun.

    Bio Bay – rent Kayaks because you can no longer swim in the Bio Bay. The bay is getting polluted by to many people.

    Art Gallery’s – Gallery Galleon and Siddhi Hutchinson
    Sailing – Caribbean Lady Charters
    Vieques Human Society bring home a puppy or make a donation.


  2. I second the Bio Bay tour suggestion. I still remember jumping into that water!


  3. I’ll second the Bio Bay tour. I still remember jumping into that water!!


  4. Will you do a review of the property when you get back? We’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, and I’ve heard people talking about Vieques but know nothing about the place. Jet Blue makes P.R. very easy w/ non-stop flights from NYC so its on our list of possible locations.

    Do tell – love reading about your travels.


  5. Bryan and I spent our honeymoon there this past November. Really enjoyed it … mostly a straight crowd but some gays/lesbians too … everyone seems to get along great. “Extremely relaxing” is the watchword … it is certainly not a party island. Island Adventures BioBay tour is a must … but you need to do it close to a full moon, so check the lunar calendar. We ate out at El Quenopo and The Next Course … both were excellent. Definitely rent a jeep and go explore the fantastic south-side beaches. There was a No Swimming sign every day at the hotel by the walk down to the beach but I think they just forgot to take it down … I swam every day at the hotel and it was amazing! You can rent snorkeling equipment and kayaks at Blackbeard’s, right on the W’s property. Enjoy … I would go right back there if I could!


  6. Stayed there last May with my partner. Great hotel and extremely relaxing. There is not much to do on this small island but I would recommend taking advantage of the bioluminesnce bay tour.



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