Daniel Garofali calendar

daniel garofaliAre you like me and do you still like to have a calendar that resides outside of a phone, tablet or computer?  Perhaps you are also like me and have yet to purchase a 2013 calendar.

Super sexy Aussie model, Daniel Garofali, has a calendar that is sure to please. You may purchase it online here.  50% of the profits from sales of this calendar go to Kiva.org, a non-profit that is working to end poverty.

The 2012 – 2013 calendar comes with many seductive photos of Daniel, but before you buy you may want to check out the calendar and DVD teaser as well as the calendar and DVD teaser part II on YouTube.  Again,  you may purchase it online here.  People are also more than welcome to send me photos of Daniel, whom I find wicked gawjus.

One response to “Daniel Garofali calendar

  1. Daniel: I love your tatates. Thaks for all the work you put Ito this.



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