New Hampshire Congressional delegation

Did you know that NH has an all female (bi-partisan) Congressional delegation?

NH Congressional DelegationWhen I was younger, New Hampshire had a reputation for being solidly Republican, regularly voting for conservative men like John Sununu (or SayNoNo as I liked to say).  However, NH is now probably the only “Purple” state in the northeast and is easily one of the more progressive in the country.

With the election of the Democrats Ann McLane Kuster and former Representative Carol Shea-Porter to the US House of Representatives this past November, New Hampshire became the first state to send an all-female delegation to Congress.   In addition to the Congressional party, in November NH elected its second female governor, Margaret Wood Hassan.

I won’t suggest that an all female delegation will fix our problems, but I’ve not been too pleased with many of the all male delegations heading to D.C. lately and am open to the change.  I hope moving forward NH isn’t the only state to send an all female delegation to D.C.

Oh and for those who might point out that the delegation lacks racial diversity its probably important to point out that NH is pasty white with almost 95% of the state’s population identifying as caucasion so it might take the state a bit more time to break racial barriers, but they will get there.


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