Southie Rules

Southie RulesThe A&E network will roll-out a new reality show later this month that supposedly shows viewers “real life” in Southie; one of Boston’s working class, Irish enclaves that in recent years has seen an influx of young professionals.

I have no doubt many in the area will beam with pride because a cable network channel will broadcast what I assume will be stereotypical “characters” to scripted dramas manufactured more for ratings than any concern for reality. Funny, I thought shows like Real Housewives and Jersey Shore were waning in popularity – perhaps not.

My lack of interest in this latest un-reality program turned to disdain when I saw The Boston Globe had listed a series of promo ads from A&E. One of the promos meant to be a put-down to NYC “Nobody tells us how big our soda should be” sounds as if it came directly from a NYC advertising agency. Anyone who has lived their life in Southie will tell you Soda, Pop, Coke… is all called one thing in Boston — Tonic. Get your colloquialisms correct or “Póg Mo Thón”.

8 responses to “Southie Rules

  1. If you would like to show what a really Southie family is like, send me an email. I am casting for a new family game show and we are looking for a great Boston Family. Chance to win up to $25,000! Email:


  2. Which one is the Snooki knock-off?


  3. I am somewhat ashamed to be living in Southie!!! This is going to lower the tone beyond Jersey Shore.


  4. Oh, and I am so not looking forward to this show. I won’t watch it, but I am sure I will be unable to avoid hearing about it…


  5. I was born in Boston and have lived here my whole life. I have never used the word tonic – I always use the word “soda”. I hardly ever hear the word tonic being used, although it is possible that it is used by some. I agree about “wicked” though. Totally a Boston word.


  6. I don’t know what Jeff is talking about. But I disagree with you that it is a Southie thing – its a Boston thing. I call it soda but my parents, aunts and uncles all say tonic.


  7. Weird. I grew up in Southie and my family a d friends all call it soda. Nice try, speaking for every single person in Southie though. Idiot.


    • Many of my relatives never say the word “wicked” either but in both cases you’d be hard pressed to convince me that if you are creating a show around families from Boston that these wouldn’t be considered part of the vernacular.



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