BosGuy reviews The Foodery

My Foodery

Last week I wrote about The Foodery, a food preparation and delivery service in  metro Boston that only uses organic ingredients locally sourced. Mike and John, the business partners and buddies who conceived the idea, were kind enough to surprise me on Sunday with a delivery of two meals.  So on Monday evening I fired up the microwave and tried out the dinners. The following is my review.

This service is not going to be for everyone. However, professionals, couples and families on the go who want a respite from kitchen duties  may find this a helpful service. Additionally, those watching what they eat but in need of help preparing healthy meals will also find this service tempting since it makes calorie counting so easy.  The portion size looked small when I opened them but they were satisfying and later in the evening when I was tempted to grab a bite I opted for a cup of tea rather than the bag of chips I had been eyeing.  

If you are curious about the food check out next week’s menu at The Foodery; filet with spinach, watercress salad and blueberry dressing; whole wheat shrimp veggie pizza; lamb with porcini mushroom, butternut squash and cous cous. All orders must be placed by Thursday evening for delivery on Sunday night.

In my quick video I show you the packaging, prep and try my best to describe the food. I hope you enjoy. I certainly had fun reviewing the dinners.


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