Ptown state of mind


4th of July: Tea Dance at The Boatslip

It might be cold and blustery here in New England, but yesterday I spoke to my friend in Provincetown and confirmed reservations that will bring me back for 4th of July and Carnival Week in 2013.

Will you be planning any visits to Provincetown in 2013? I’m happy to offer tips or suggestions for first timers and happy to meet for a drink at Tea Dance or elsewhere should we be in Ptown at the same time.

3 responses to “Ptown state of mind

  1. Ahhh, my favorite place. I’m spending the first 2 weeks of August there this year (skipping Carnival for the first time in a few years), and am hopeful that the length of this vacation will allow me to relax into things. I have already begun dieting and doing crunches. LOL


  2. Never been there. And it’s not like I live a million miles from it.


  3. This photo makes me so happy. Viva La Summer!



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