US municipal equality index

US Metropolitan Equality MapLate last year, the Human Rights Committee (HRC) in partnership with the Equality Federation Institute and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, released their 2012 Municipal Equality Index.  

The PDF which is easy to read online or download scored 137 cities in the United  States on a multitude of criteria that were combined into six categories.  Eleven cities from seven states achieved a perfect “100” ranking including: Boston and Cambridge, MA – Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, CA – St. Louis, MO – New York City, NY – Portland, OR – Philadelphia, PA – and Seattle, WA.  I’m always circumspect of publications that rank / rate anything and you should be too, but I still find them quite interesting.  You can view the index rankings and read more about this here.

One response to “US municipal equality index

  1. Fuck, Providence only gets a 76. However the State of RI is fully on board – I’ve worked for it twice so I should know.



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