Trippin’ over Pippin

pippinExcuse the trite headline, but earlier this week I saw Pippin at the American Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.) in Cambridge. It is rare to have a local show filled with so many Broadway actors in Boston so when I heard about Pippin’s run I knew I wanted to check it out before it left for Broadway. I am unfamiliar with how this production differs from the original, so I won’t try to pretend I know what I’m talking about other than to say, the show is spectacular.

The music is fantastic but its no surprise considering it was penned by Stephen Schwartz (composer of Wicked and Godspell), and the cast really does amaze, belting out pitch perfect tunes.  Even I recognized the Bob Fosse choreography I’d heard about prior to seeing the show.  All this comes together to form a very entertaining musical that had me holding my breathe more than once watching the amazing circus-like acrobatics executed by 7 Fingers (a Montreal-based company that is reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil).

Since the show closes this weekend, you’ll need to get tickets (probably for quite a bit more money) when it opens in April at the Music Box Theater on Broadway.  In anticipation of the question if it is worth seeing on Broadway – I’ll keep my answer short and sweet, “Yes”.

One response to “Trippin’ over Pippin

  1. Yes, Pippin is a masterwork of direction, concept and execution. The performances are incredible. Always a skeptic towards musical theatre I was flawed by the professionalism and the total entertainment. The audience loved it and I was sitting there with them memorized and totally happy. It’s a happy fun time.



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