One Today: Richard Blanco

Richard-Blanco-PoetI love poetry even though sometimes I cannot follow or fully appreciate the prose.  Yesterday’s Presidential Inauguration featured Richard Blanco reading his poem One Today to the President and the nation.  Blanco is a Cuban-American who happens to be gay and lives in New England (Maine to be exact).  In lieu of posting the full text (which you can read here), I’ve inserted the video of his reading. His poem stresses unity and the common bonds that touch us all.

2 responses to “One Today: Richard Blanco

  1. Richards poem is simple and beautiful. It’s simple because it is accessible to the non-poetic ear and yet it has a beautiful meter or poetic rythem. The flow constructed with carefully selected words and images is the work of a craftful poet. The colors, sounds. Images, reminders all under the same sun, moon and stars. I love how he closes with the idea of a new constellation, waiting to be found, called Hope. Without hope who are we after all? Beautiful Señor Blanco. I am proud to be a gay man just like you.



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