40 years ago today

abortion rightsOn January 22, 1973 (40 years ago) the US Supreme Court legalized a woman’s right to choose to have a safe and legal abortion.

While I can appreciate arguments from those who oppose the legalization of abortion, I see this simply as an individual right that can be summed up as such, your body = your choice.

Are you an advocate for choice?  Learn from the LGBT movement and do not take your rights for granted.  The LGBT community learned this lesson the hard way as we watched both states and the federal government restrict our individual liberties through a combination of legislation and judicial rulings in the previous century and first few years of this one.


One response to “40 years ago today

  1. More power to you for being able to see both sides of the issue, because I sure can’t see any sense whatsoever in regulating anyone else’s body.

    I don’t buy the argument that this is about preserving a life because we’ve seen how most of (I presume) most of those same people feel about Obamacare (better to let anyone who can’t afford health care just die), funding to help recent war vets (cut ’em loose after they’ve risked their lives), AIDS research (homos are evil) …

    Uhhhh … I have some opinions here as you can see. :/



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