Thought of the day: Books

BooksMichael C – a friend who has contributed posts to this blog in the past, recently posted this image on his Facebook page.  It got me to thinking, “What are you reading?”

6 responses to “Thought of the day: Books

  1. Really nice picture!
    ‘Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss, quite enjoyable.


  2. “11/22/63” by Stephen King. Next up “Gone Girl.”


  3. rereading willaim mann’s book on hollywood “behind the screen”. reading several books on citrus for a painting on the history of citrus. plus rereading capt josiah knowles’ 1858 journal “the wreck of the wild wave” again for a painting.


  4. Alexanderia- a Marcus Didius Falco mystery by Lindsay Davis


  5. just finished “Proof of Heaven” by Dr Eben Alexander (ugh). Now reading “Beyond Queer” by Bruce Bawer



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