Flashback Friday

Boston waterfrontThe Boston Custom House was the only “sky scraper” in Boston in 194o.  The tower had been added in 1910 and stands just under 500′ tall. However, you can barely find the Boston Custom House from my photograph taken in the summer of 2012, but you’ll see it off to the right if you look carefully.

In 2009 I had a regular post called “Flashback Friday”, which I would share past images and memories of life in and around Boston.  After perusing Dirty Old Boston on Facebook I was inspired to revive this regular post.  For those not familiar with Boston, thank you for the indulgence.  For those who may have grown up in and around Boston, I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I like putting them together.  Apologies for the older posts which were done in 2009.  When I moved my blog to WordPress the formatting from my Blogspot address left a lot to be desired.

Past Flashback Friday Posts

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