David Pocock

David PocockEarlier this week David over at WickedGayBlog posted a series of photographs of this extremely handsome Australian rugby player, David Pocock.  In all fairness, David has posted this handsome jock before, but I wanted to give the post a shout out since you may be unaware of this very handsome heterosexual LGBT ally who recently made news when he told the media he would not marry until all Australian couples could legally marry.  Like what you see? Check out all the photos that David posted on WGB.

As they say in Australia, Good On Ya David Pocock.

3 responses to “David Pocock

  1. Bam Bam is one of the truly great athletes, rising above others to embrace a civil rights cause, not because it has an effect on him directly, but because it is right!

    And thank you!


  2. Of course! Your site was the inspiration behind my regular post “Suddenly it Makes Sense”.


  3. Glad to see WGB has discovered what some of us have known for quite some time. Thank you. Not to blow my own horn, but have you not taken a gander at my site?



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